Happy holidays

Despite the fact that it has been a year held to ransom by this pandemic that shows no sign of abating and continues to frighten, here we are at Christmas time.
At this time of year, people are more willing to stay indoors and enjoy the family warmth and festive atmosphere.
Between a family Christmas lunch and a New Year’s Eve dinner, we will find some moments to devote to continuing the development of future game environments.
At the end of the first act of Teresa Moontyners, an unforeseen event happens. Few of the players predicted it, and now we are thinking what kind of scenario we could focus on, in order to give the game the best plot development possible.
The second act of the game will take place inside the cavern, in dark tunnels and large caves, this will be the background to the resolution of puzzles and riddles that will allow access to new locations.
Making the right choices will lead us to meet some characters that will be necessary to investigate further.
We leave you with a couple of Screenshots taken directly from Blender, showing the level of modelling and texturing that you will encounter in this adventure.
Happy holidays to all and best wishes for a peaceful and better New Year.
The 1Monkey2Brains team

Teresa Moontyners 1° Act

First act of the old-fashioned point-and-click graphic adventure.
Available in 5 languages (IT,EN,FR,ES,DE).
Added in the options menu the possibility to set graphic details and resolution.
Changed some aspects of the game after player feedback:
-Now the hangar back door has manual opening and closing.
-Fixed the bug during the tutorial that prevented you from replaying it.
-Added sound effects to some objects that were previously without them.
-Revised some translations after player reports.

Demo – Teresa Moontyners – In the lair of the beast

Here we are back with a new title in development.
Teresa Moontyners – Lair of the beast.
A 3D graphic adventure, developed on the Unity engine using the Adventure Creator tool.
It’s a point and click, set in the north of Italy in a lost place in the mountains.
The investigator, Teresa Moontyners, is contacted by a research centre to understand what happened to the researchers who mysteriously broke off communication with the headquarters.
You will be placed in a hostile, cold and dark environment, there will be enigmas to solve and conversations to face in order to discover that behind this disappearance, there is an even greater mystery.
In this demo you will be able to play the initial part of the adventure, arriving at an unexpected ending, which opens the doors to the real game.
The game has been developed in Italian language, and then translated (momentarily with automatic translators) into English, French, Spanish and German (it is likely that the translations are not perfectly correct, but they can give the player an idea of what we want to convey through this adventure).
Have fun and we remain available for any feedback, criticism you may wish to propose.

Teresa Moontyners – L’antro della belva

Here is the link to download a small demo of: The lair of the beast.
Is a 3D graphic adventure in development.
You can try the first 5 minutes of the game.
So if you feel like it, you can evaluate graphic style and gameplay.
If you like what I’m doing leave me some feedback, so that I can improve.
The game at the moment is localized only in Italian language, in the future I will think about translations, at the moment I hope to get feedback on the graphic style and gameplay style.

Thanks for stopping by

The Grindstone

Ready for this summer?
Surely someone has already left for the holidays and others will be leaving soon.
Instead for the people who will stay at home this year spending these hot days in front of the computer, here we come to help with a new construction and a sketch related to it.
The Grindstone! Chico has managed to gather enough material to build a very useful tool.
Thanks to the Grindstone, now our friend will be able to do some maintenance on the objects he uses daily to get material, making the work a bit less tiring.

Thanks from the 1Monkey2Brains team and a wish to have a great summer.

The Hive

And here we are back with our monthly rendezvous.
In this month we worked on a new construction, the bee hive, easy to build, simple and natural… plus you will find 2 new animations about this new building during the screensaver.
Because like everyone, our Chico likes to sweeten his mouth every now and then, so he decided to build a little house for the bees so that they can create a little bit of honey that will cheer the evenings in front of the fire.

But … the bees are not always willing to donate their product obtained by flying from flower to flower, and they will give some trouble to our Chico who will try to steal the fruit of so much effort.
We hope that you like these new sketches and that they can give you a moment of joy during the hours spent in front of your faithful computer; and for us the appointment is at the next update.


The Dart Board

Greetings, everyone,
we’re back with a new update.
As already mentioned we will release a new monthly update, so that during the moments of inactivity of our PC, the screensaver that will start is always richer and more varied skits.
This month we are to propose the Dart Board, a construction that will give a moment of leisure to our hero who spends his days cutting trees, breaking rocks, facing stinging cactus and all the dangers that lurk on a peak in the middle of nowhere…
Let us know what you think, and if you have any special requests, we’re available.
That’s all for now, a greeting from the team and we’ll be back at the next update.