Teresa Moontyners – Third act – the Temple

A warm welcome to everyone with the usual appointment on the status of development of the game.
Let’s start by saying that the end of the second chapter of the game, introduces our heroes to an unexplored level of the caves.
This choice was decided during the development of the final of the second act, when in the correction of known bugs I said to myself: “why not continue the adventure inside the cave?”.
And so it was, it was enough to model a new mesh that prevented the exit outside, review the logic of the characters and their reactions, so our story is now ready to continue to the heart of the cave.
This choice has been a bit painful, because as timing of development I would have preferred to bring the player outside and propose the final chapter, but reviewing the gist of the story I realized that something was missing, and I decided to add a new level where our heroes are forced to continue the exploration inside the caves getting more information about the story of the game, and in this way, give me the opportunity to justify what I proposed until now.

What changes from the second to the third act?
In the second chapter, the difficulty level is based mainly on the exploration of the caves and the use of some objects that lead to the resolution of the level, while in the third chapter, I thought to present puzzles in the form of “puzzle game” (this will give me the opportunity to face and learn the logic behind these puzzles), and the resolution of them, will advance the player to the next puzzle that will be slightly more complicated.

What will happen in this level?
Surely, the successful completion of this level, will lead the group to be able to leave the mountain, and to face the last level (I am sure of this); I will tell the player the reason why this Temple is located inside a mountain, all the story that accompanies it and, I will finally insert Yoragh with all the explanations of his interest towards the main character Teresa; I have in mind some cutscenes where the player will have freedom of choice, and this decision will lead to different consequences.

I started thinking about this adventure about 10 months ago, unaware of all the problems that could arise, especially not aware of the amount of work that needs to produce an idea like this alone, but I’m really happy to have the courage to face it, and today, I can really declare that this commitment I’m facing, gives me experience and knowledge that will surely be useful for a future starting point.

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