Teresa Moontyners – Released on Steam

The big day has come!
From today Teresa Moontyners – In the lair of the Beast is on Steam.
I am very happy that I have succeeded in this task, and I share this goal with you.
In the end the time dedicated to the translations took enough time, I entrusted the translation from Italian to English to 2 guys who from what I could see did a good job.
While for the remaining languages, I translated line x line the whole document using as I had previously mentioned online sites such as Reverso and Deepl, I find that the translations are more accurate comparison to the Google translator.
Well, I’ve done mine, now it’s up to you to play this adventure, solve it and send your opinions whether they are positive or not, any feedback, will be useful for the next title that I want to develop.
Thank you for having accompanied me in this venture just reading the news and updates that I inserted from time to time.
E.. seen the period I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
Luca Quartero

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