Teresa Moontyners – Temple scene, last puzzle

Today I am going to tell you about the last idea I had and which I managed to implement.
I waited before writing this post because I wanted to make sure everything worked, and it looks like I finally did.
I’m going to attempt to explain what I have planned, trying to avoid spoiling any information about the game.

I’ll start by saying that I’m almost at the end of the development of the temple level, I’m still missing some graphic additions, a quite deep test to evaluate that everything works and the final cutscene that will be represented through the animation of the characters, I think it will be quite hard to achieve, also because in my head I already have everything in mind (as if it were a movie), but then when I put the idea into practice, I will surely come up against my limitations.

But having said that, here we are at the heart of the article; the temple level, as you may have read in previous posts, will be surrounded by several puzzles, which, as they are solved, will allow the player to continue the adventure.

I have come up with something a little more elaborate as a final puzzle; this puzzle will be divided into 2 parts, and one of the two will be based on speed of execution (like a Quick Time Event).
The first session of this rebus will be a chessboard to be filled with particular pieces that put in the correct sequence, will unlock the second session that will test your reflexes and reaction time.
I managed to create a mini-game (nothing exaggerated, but being able to get it and see it work, I’m satisfied with many efforts), which will start a timer, and in that time it will be necessary to give the right command to the right destination thus obtaining the solution of the puzzle and the beginning of the final sequence.

I must admit that I spent a lot of time on the logic and all the variables I used to make it work, there were some moments of discouragement with the thought of putting aside the idea and pretend nothing happened, but fortunately I had the perseverance to insist, and get the result I was looking for.

However, I must also confess that I have not yet been able to implement the possibility of continuing the story in one way or another, thus creating two possible endings.
I hope I’ll be able to find a solution for this or, more than anything else, to have an idea that justifies the choices, otherwise I’ll be forced to continue to the last chapter, excluding an ending and leaving the plot of the adventure to the initial idea.

I’ll see you at the next update where I’ll tell you more exhaustively what I thought for the final level.
I leave a couple of screenshots that I prepared for the social networks, in which you can see a rendering made in Blender of a glimpse of the puzzle I told you about.

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