Happy Holidays

Here in Piedmont at this time of year, the cold weather is starting to make itself felt.

In the town where I live, which is situated just below the mountains, this year it will be very likely to return to admire the copious snowfalls that so amazed me when I was a child.

The ‘magical’ atmosphere at this time of year is unique, with snow-covered streets and avenues and everything shrouded in a mist that resembles cotton wool and that muffles all the noises of the city.

In this climate, among the snowflakes that slowly fall, you see the lights of the houses, and you find yourself imagining them as warm and welcoming places, and meanwhile you think of the warmth that will greet you when you return to your home.

And so it is with this image that I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the start of a peaceful New Year.

Happy Holidays!

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