Teresa Moontyners – The dialogue system

I noticed, during the development of the adventure, that sometimes you find yourself imagining what would be the most correct way for a character to speak.
For example, Teresa is a woman in her fifties, she’s an investigator; so she has to be attentive to details, quite knowledgeable about what’s going on around her, but she doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert.
For Samantha, the youngest of the group, I imagined a jovial character, sometimes impatient, an expert in her profession but still a bit immature, she loves music, she has a cassette walkman with her (in the 90s it was our ipod), and at some points in the adventure she will not fail to turn it on and start dancing.
Ham, on the other hand, is the expedition leader, an expert researcher, ready to give an explanation to everything that happens, based on his studies and impressions, always friendly with his fellow man, and willing to step aside out of chivalry and if the situation requires it.
And finally Jabert who, as I say at one point in the game is “the strong arm of the team”, an ex-military man, trained to deal with the most difficult situations to survive in extreme conditions, those who have already played the first act of the game, advancing in the adventure, will have already met him, thus discovering some things that I avoid writing in order not to spoil anything.
And so, following these ideas, I try to imagine a certain situation and write dialogues and sentences that are relevant to these characters, with their beliefs and fears.
For phrases and dialogues, the tool I use for the development, offers me many options, starting a conversation with an NPC you will have the possibility to decide on a series of questions to ask or answers to give (as in the best graphic adventures), thus creating real plots of communication that can lead to useful information and in some cases the progress of the state of the game, or just end in a chat.
By setting up more cameras in strategic points, I can decide to change the shots giving variety to the conversation and importance to a certain sentence, maybe with a close-up on the character who is talking and then going back to a more distant view.
In conclusion, this experience that I’m doing, is teaching me a lot, in trying to get good results, I find myself thinking and learning about issues that are not strictly related to the development of video games, thus enriching my wealth of experience.

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