Chico day one!


we want to share with all of you how proud we are for having Chico released on Steam: it’s been a long and exciting ride and we’ve finally reached the end of the road.
But we also wanto this journey to go on because Chico needs more and it would be a pleasure for us to release ever new content… we say, on a monthly basis… after a little break, indeed 🙂

Thank you all for giving us suggestions, criticisms… really, thank you all for supporting us.


Are you ready for the release?

Hi, here I am with a little update; first of all I want to say that we have not disappeared, simply in this period we are preparing for release 1.0 which will have a major bug fix, and the addition of new structures and new animations.
Then with this scary virus, here in Italy we are quite worried, and with all the restrictions that the government imposes on us, we still do not see positive results, and this makes us fear even more.
We’re trying, and we thought we’d get out of Early Access and make the big jump for the beginning of April.
A hug to everyone and to hear back soon.

1Monkey2Brains team

AI And More


we have a great news for you today.

Recently we was thinking about the opportunity to let Chico customize the peak he’s living on by himself, that is without any help from you; in this way you could for example start the screensaver before taking your coffee break ( remember, you can also let Windows launch the screensaver by clicking somewhere in the option menu )… anyway, as I said, you can take your coffee break and once you come back to your PC you might say: “Wait, I never built that hut… and what?! Cooking stuff next to the toilette?! What’s happening here!!!”… or something like that.

In this fresh update you can click to a button in the main menu which is intended for enable/disable the Chico’s AI; this means that you can still customize the screensaver if you want, but you don’t have to… just let Chico do some hard work for you.

That’s not all yet, we have another little update; we are not bad guys, so we don’t want Chico to leave all alone on a peak in the middle of nowhere; he needs a friend, someone to talk with… so now he has a new friend: a cow.

Thanks for supporting Chico: we are really taking into account your reviews and suggestions, without which we would not be able to make Chico even better.

That’s all folks.


Painter’s Easel

Hi everyone,

this is a very small update we want to show you today: the painter’s easel together with its animation.

Just like all the other assets you can craft it both customize and sandbox mode and then look at what Chico is doing during the screensaver and if you are lucky you might see our hero acting like Monet while painting a beautiful landscape… or our logo :).

We are also working to implement a new feature that will provide Chico with free will which will give him the ability to choose by himself what to build and where: we have developed a basic AI algorithm in order to lead Chico in such a difficult choice. Of course you will be given the opportunity to disable this option somewhere in the menu if you think you can do better. This feature is under test at this moment and will probably be released in the next update.

That’s all for today, see you soon.


In Screensaver Loot And More


in this new update we are going to show you some new animations we added to the screensaver mode; actually these are not so new since we are talking about all the animations you already see when you loot resources in customizer mode ( but maybe you get used in sandbox mode and thus you don’t know what I’m talking about ). Anyway, those animations are also available while the screensaver is running, so you might now see Chico kicking rocks or digging by his bare hand and so on; none of this means that your storage will be filled with wood or any other kind of resource, of course; as ever, our purpose remains the same, that is to enrich your screensaver with ever new animations ( you must play in customizer mode if you want to really loot resources ).

Now it’s time for the second news: the vegetable garden. The garden is a new content for the screensaver but it works a little different from the others. We could call it something like a multiple step content; we mean that during the screensaver the garden will loop between two different states ( growing and harvesting ) which are controlled by the specific action performed by Chico… which depends on the state ?!?!!?… it’s easier to show it than to explain it.

That’s all for today folks.

See you at the next update,


Ghost, Cauldron And More


here we are again with a new update that mainly concerns new content.

We have got you used to enrich your screensaver by crafting stuff, but we want some events to be not only random but also completely independent of the player’s choices, like for example the ghost, which might appear at some point while Chico is hanging around. When this happens ( only in screensaver mode of course ) you will see our hero start trembling in fear while the ghost is coming ( if you are lucky, otherwise you will just hear the classical and overused howling of ghosts ). We have found that random events are a very powerful means in order to make the screensaver more various and interesting and that’s the reason why we have planned to add more of them over time.

The following video, with the pixel art camera filter applied, has been captured directly from the screensaver 

Living on a peak with nothing to do is probably not the most tiring thing, but still, Chico can’t go without eating, so what’s better than hot soup? A lot of things, I know… but at least now he’s doing something useful: he’s cooking. Chico is given the opportunity to become a great chef by crafting the cauldron ( available in sandbox mode too ), which is the other content we want to introduce here. As usual, once the cauldron has been placed, just launch the screensaver and see what happens ( or exit the game and wait for Windows to launch the screensaver by itself ).

Ok, but… what do we do after lunch? Easy, work out: we added another idle animation in the hope Chico can drop a few pounds.

We have also made some bug fixing:

  • fixed a bug that made trees, rocks and the other resources disappear by entering the sandbox mode soon after a game reset

  • fixed a bug in sandbox mode about buildings description

  • improved lights flickering for the campfire

  • minor bug fixing

That’s all folks, see you at the next update.


Sandbox And More

Hi everyone,

Chico has been in early access for a while now and we have already got some valuable feedback helping us find out where our next step should lead on.

We have introduced a new feature that fits the original concept Chico is based on; since we are not trying to give you another survival game, but rather a way to customize your Windows screensaver, at some point during the development we thought: “Hey, what about an editor to give players the ability to put their stuffs in game from scratch? Wait!!! Are you talking about the sandbox mode???”.  

The sandbox mode comes alongside the survival mode ( called “Customizer” in Chico ) and you will be able to switch between them anytime: for example you can build the hut and other stuffs in survival mode and then switch in sandbox mode, destroy and recreate everything from scratch.

Here is how sandbox mode works:

Please try it and give us your impressions to help us improve Chico over time.

That’s all about the sandbox mode, so let’s move on and talk about graphic improvements and new contents.

First of all we added the lens flare that gives the sun a more interesting appearance, but because of the camera view you really need to be lucky in order to get a clear shot of it while playing; things change if you run the screensaver, maybe trying different camera settings from the screensaver option menu.

Last but not least we have also added some new contents:

  • three new idle animations

  • the hammock along with its animation

I am not talking about these assets; just run the game and create the hammock ( maybe you can  try out the new sandbox mode 🙂 and then launch the screensaver ( or wait for Windows to do it for you ).

That’s all folks… we hope you enjoy Chico.


The Well And More


here we are with another update and some important news about Chico.

First of all we fixed annoying bugs that some players might have experienced:

1 – objects spawn issues
2 – player getting stuck
3 – glitches or abnormal resizing

We have fixed all of them but unfortunately we had to change the saving system and therefore the old save file is no longer compatible; this means you need to reset the game by using the appropriate button ( Options->Game->Reset ).

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but fortunately there is also some good news today, since we did some improvement:

1 – looting is now much faster than before

2 – you can choose your favourite default screensaver camera from the screensaver menu

3 – we added the well, a new asset with two dedicated animations

4 – we added some dedicated cameras to some already existing animations

5 – we added three new idle animations for the screensaver

And before we say goodbye we give you a little preview of our next step: based on the fact that Chico is mainly a screensaver customizer, in addition to the survival mode, in which you need to loot and craft, we are going to develop the sandbox mode so that you will be given the opportunity to put any asset in the world without effort.

That’s all folks,


In Game Screensaver And More


this is our first update after the early access and we want to thank you for all the interesting feedbacks we are receiving.

We became aware that there was no clearness on the meaning of Chico and so, following your suggestions, we have made our first change in order to make it clearer that Chico is meant to be a way for customizing your windows screensaver. We renamed the old “Play” button in “Customize” and added a new “Play Screensaver” button to the main menu which will give you the opportunity to switch between customizer and screensaver; in other words you can still activate the windows screensaver by the menu, but now you can also start the screensaver in game at runtime ( you don’t have to wait for windows to launch it ).

We also made some changes in the UI and you can now better look at which type of camera filter you are just setting.

In respect of our plan to keep adding content over time we added a new sketch ( you don’t need to build anything this time because is something like an idle mode ): the monocle.

We also did some polishing on some materials to improve graphics rendering and on the UI; and obviously we have tried to fix all the bugs we have found.

We were blown away by the players reaction around Chico and this encourages us to do the best we can: we are working to improve the camera system in order to have better angles in the screensaver and add a random events generator.

Thanks for all your support.

Stay tuned,