Cannon Arena - Tank Ball Combat

Cannon Arena puts the player in a tank’s driving seat, trying to defend the buildings on his side of the stage from a floating globe.

His tank, as well as the other players’, can shoot in an attempt to push the globe away from their side and towards the opposing players’ buildings. The higher your fire rate, the weaker your shots are… be precise and strike hard!

We implemented both a single player and a multiplayer mode (up to 8 human players).

The single player will start by unlocking a map (2 players = 1 vs 1), as well as 4 level-1 tanks. In a multiplayer session, whoever hosts the game can only use the fields and tanks that have been previously unlocked in single player, but he will be able to participate in multiplayer rooms, hosted by otyher players, with more unlocked content (3 players arenas, 4 players arenas and so on, up to the 8 players one).