The Well And More


here we are with another update and some important news about Chico.

First of all we fixed annoying bugs that some players might have experienced:

1 – objects spawn issues
2 – player getting stuck
3 – glitches or abnormal resizing

We have fixed all of them but unfortunately we had to change the saving system and therefore the old save file is no longer compatible; this means you need to reset the game by using the appropriate button ( Options->Game->Reset ).

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but fortunately there is also some good news today, since we did some improvement:

1 – looting is now much faster than before

2 – you can choose your favourite default screensaver camera from the screensaver menu

3 – we added the well, a new asset with two dedicated animations

4 – we added some dedicated cameras to some already existing animations

5 – we added three new idle animations for the screensaver

And before we say goodbye we give you a little preview of our next step: based on the fact that Chico is mainly a screensaver customizer, in addition to the survival mode, in which you need to loot and craft, we are going to develop the sandbox mode so that you will be given the opportunity to put any asset in the world without effort.

That’s all folks,


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