Sandbox And More

Hi everyone,

Chico has been in early access for a while now and we have already got some valuable feedback helping us find out where our next step should lead on.

We have introduced a new feature that fits the original concept Chico is based on; since we are not trying to give you another survival game, but rather a way to customize your Windows screensaver, at some point during the development we thought: “Hey, what about an editor to give players the ability to put their stuffs in game from scratch? Wait!!! Are you talking about the sandbox mode???”.  

The sandbox mode comes alongside the survival mode ( called “Customizer” in Chico ) and you will be able to switch between them anytime: for example you can build the hut and other stuffs in survival mode and then switch in sandbox mode, destroy and recreate everything from scratch.

Here is how sandbox mode works:

Please try it and give us your impressions to help us improve Chico over time.

That’s all about the sandbox mode, so let’s move on and talk about graphic improvements and new contents.

First of all we added the lens flare that gives the sun a more interesting appearance, but because of the camera view you really need to be lucky in order to get a clear shot of it while playing; things change if you run the screensaver, maybe trying different camera settings from the screensaver option menu.

Last but not least we have also added some new contents:

  • three new idle animations

  • the hammock along with its animation

I am not talking about these assets; just run the game and create the hammock ( maybe you can  try out the new sandbox mode 🙂 and then launch the screensaver ( or wait for Windows to do it for you ).

That’s all folks… we hope you enjoy Chico.


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