In Game Screensaver And More


this is our first update after the early access and we want to thank you for all the interesting feedbacks we are receiving.

We became aware that there was no clearness on the meaning of Chico and so, following your suggestions, we have made our first change in order to make it clearer that Chico is meant to be a way for customizing your windows screensaver. We renamed the old “Play” button in “Customize” and added a new “Play Screensaver” button to the main menu which will give you the opportunity to switch between customizer and screensaver; in other words you can still activate the windows screensaver by the menu, but now you can also start the screensaver in game at runtime ( you don’t have to wait for windows to launch it ).

We also made some changes in the UI and you can now better look at which type of camera filter you are just setting.

In respect of our plan to keep adding content over time we added a new sketch ( you don’t need to build anything this time because is something like an idle mode ): the monocle.

We also did some polishing on some materials to improve graphics rendering and on the UI; and obviously we have tried to fix all the bugs we have found.

We were blown away by the players reaction around Chico and this encourages us to do the best we can: we are working to improve the camera system in order to have better angles in the screensaver and add a random events generator.

Thanks for all your support.

Stay tuned,


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