Particle Systems – Take A Peek

Hey cowboys,

we are working hard on Chico these days to add some effects, so we would like to let you take a peek at some particle systems we just created.

We start with the dust surrounding our poor hero while is building some big stuffs, like the workbench… I know, it’s not so big after all.

The dust may appear too large perhaps… we really like exaggeration. Anyway the particle can be resized to fit the stuff you are going to create: we will take care of it during the polishing process.

The next one is about flames… every game has flames, ever. Look at the campfire and the workbench.

That little candle dangling from the workbench ( and from almost all the buildings ) gives our Chico some warm light on cold nights, in according to the day night cycle we developed.

The next particle system we added drops some leafs down when the tree pops to life.

This is the texture we used:

The last particle system we would like to share with you generates a dust storm: we added a script that randomly play it….  very rarely indeed.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoy this news.

Stay tuned,


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