Inventory system

Hey cowboys,

today we want to show you the inventory system implemented in Chico in order to give him the opportunity to store resources and the ability to craft a lot of different things.

The inventory is pretty easy to use as you can see by the video floating somewhere down here. By pressing I on the keyboard the UI opens showing you two panels; the left panel is the inventory itself and is made by 20 slots, each one containing up to 15 resources or 1 single tool. The first 5 slots represent your belt ( a fast inventory ) which is useful to equip specific tools during the game ( such as the hammer or the axe to loot trees for example ); instead looking at the right panel you can see the crafting section: on the top there is the recipe list provided with some filters to help you in the research; selecting a recipe allows you to add the needed resources to the slots below and thus craft a lot of things.

You should have seen that there are no buildings in the inventory except for the workbench ( consider it as a very very small building ) which gives you access to much more recipes. Once you have built the workbench simply click on it with the hammer equipped and the inventory will open giving you a lot more recipes to choose from.

You may have noticed that the inventory has very few slots and therefore the storage will really come in handy, overall if you are one of those who love to loot around: you can move resources and tools from your inventory to the storage ( and vice-versa ) simply by dragging them.

That’s all for today folks.

We are also glad to announce that we are setting our Steam landing page…. hope you will be able to wishlist us soon.

Bye Cichi,


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