Looting And Crafting – Take A Peek

Hey cowboys,

in the last article we’ve spoken about looting and crafting, now it’s time to let you take a peek in.

You may find some animations still unpolished… they are wip and we are going to refine them soon. 

By holding down left mouse on a lootable object our unlucky hero will move through the peak and start doing some looting; a little icon, which pops up below the cursor, lets you know which object can be left or right clicked ( you may or may not be able to do some actions depending on the tool you are holding in your hand… you may say “but I’m holding the mouse in my right hand”… yes I know, but I meant our poor cowboy there ). Anyway, once you start looting, a thin green health bar will appear on the object you are trying to hit; let’s watch an example in the following clip.

At this point you should have noticed that it will take a lot less time when you loot with the right tool in your hand… and that we used Unity’s physics on all the things that you can see falling apart around you.

After a while the collapsed objects will pop in, ready to be looted again.

We’ve already set up the sound effects for everything is taken into account during the looting process as you can hear watching the following clips; together with every specific tool useful to obtain all the resources our big hero is in need of, in order to have some fun in his dry and so deserted peak.

That’s all folk.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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