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Hey cowboys,

today we will speak about the looting and crafting system you are going to enjoy in Chico; I guess you all know what I’m talking about.

The peak our hero is living on is a little deserted spot: there is neither way to get out of the rain nor take some rest nor warm by the fire; nothing at all. But fortunately there are some resources our poor guy can store in order to craft things. 

Basic resources randomly grow around everytime a new game is started, so if you don’t like the way the peak is arranged you can simply restart the game until you are satisfied. 

So let’s start speaking about looting.

To loot resources you must hold left click on a specific object in the game world, for example a tree if you want some wood, until it releases the goods you are in need of; besides by equipping the right tool in your hand you will loot much faster ( for example looting a tree using the axe is three time faster ). 

Keep playing with the tree to make it easy ( other resources work the same way ); once a tree has exhausted all the wood it crashes down to come back to life some time after completely renewed ( it should take 5 minutes, but it may change from one resource to another ). 

Everytime a tree releases some wood you must pick it up from the ground and it automatically will be put in your inventory ( if your inventory is full you can build the storage to obtain more free space ).

It’s now time to change the subject: about crafting.

Once you have enough resources you can either open your inventory or, with the hammer in your hand, left click on the workbench in the world ( if you already built it ): the difference is that the workbench gives you the ability to craft bigger stuff, but you need to put it close to the point you want to build on ( anyway the inventory UI is still the same ).

Once the inventory has opened just choose the desired recipe from the right panel and fill the fields with the needed resources, then push the craft button.

You can craft a lot of things this way, such as tools,

compounds and mixtures

and finally buildings for Chico’s freetime

Just another little thing before we break: some could guess the game mechanic is too simple and I must agree in some way; we want really to keep it simple because our target is not to give you a complex survival game, but rather a screensaver that shows you out all the things that can be crafted playing Chico. Our plan is to throw constantly in a lot of new assets that you will be able to craft in order to give Chico more freedom while spending his free time and for you to have more fun watching your screensaver.

That’s all folks!!!

As ever if you have any suggestion please message us.

Stay tuned,


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