moustache and beard


today we are going to speak about moustache and beard… yes it’s true, you heard right.

As the days go by our Chico will grow a pair of cowboy moustache and a thick beard proving you were playing for some time now. Time is beaten by the ticktack of our day-night cycle simulation system already set up and running in Unity  ( we planned to show it later in a more specific article ).

Obviously we don’t want Chico to be forced to have moustache and beard all the time… in fact during the game you will be able to craft a “toeletta”, so giving our poor hero the opportunity to shave while the screensaver is running ( so after you tasted your coffee you might see him ten years younger ).

You will also be able to choose weather Chico should shave or not by checking an option in the game menu…..maybe you want him to be the wildest one.

Here a short video:

The whole video has been rigged in Blender, whereas the same growing effect has been made in Unity by using LeanTween, a great and well known tool to play with interpolation.

That’s all for today folk.

Have fun and stay tuned.

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