The workbench

Ciao cowboys,

lost on the peak of a mountain with no way to go our poor Chico needs to find an amusing way to pass the time… and what’s better than doing some crafting?

Chico knows a lot of recipes to craft an incredible variety of tools, such as axes, knifes and even more exciting things like for example a bow with arrows. It’s enough easy for him to craft small tools by hands but what if he would like to build a storage or a hut? He needs something to help him craft large buildings, he needs a workbench.

Fortunately it doesn’t require a workbench to make a workbench ( that would be terrible ) so our Chico can craft it just using the resources he can find searching around ( if I’m not wrong you just need wood, rope and stone ).

To start crafting things you just have to open your inventory and look for the desired recipe from the list: in this case look for the workbench recipe and check the resources you need. During the building process you also have to choose where the workbench must be placed on the peak you stay in. Once the workbench is completed you just need an hammer ( no workbench is required to craft the hammer, so you can do it whenever you want ).

Once the hammer has been made and equipped you can left click on the workbench and start crafting something more complicated and bigger: in fact, when the workbench crafting system opens, you will see a lot of new recipes ( basically the crafting system works the same way ).

The hammer is also useful to break down buildings previously created, just right click on the building you want to destroy with the hammer in your hands. 

Last but not least, if our Chico has an insomniac, he can keep working at nightfall since the workbench is even provided with a shimmering light… ok it’s a candle, just a candle.

That’s all folks!!!

If you have any suggestion feel free to message us.

Stay tuned,


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