The Campfire

the night could be very cold in the far west, so we have chosen to give Chico the opportunity to craft a campfire to keep warm and do a lot of other exciting things.
How it works: while playing the game, if you get enough resources, you can craft the campfire and put it wherever you want on the ground; then, when you get your
coffee break at work, a long coffee break, the screensaver will start and Chico be allowed to sit down by the fire and cook a marshmallow
( I don’t really know if they had marshmallow in the old far west ) or play a banjo… or do whatever he wants.
The campfire and all of the other models have been made using Blender and texturized in Substance Painter by our great 3D artist; also Chico has been modeled and overall
animated all in Blender. All the assets are then loaded in Unity and thanks to our developer ( the best in the world ) all the things you see come to life.
That’s all folk… stay tuned.
Thanks from 1M2B.

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