Teresa Moontyners – Character and png

A self-respecting graphic adventure must have characters with whom to identify, and characters with whom to interact.
In Teresa Moontyners – In the lair of the beast, the player controls Teresa, the protagonist, and as the story progresses, we’ll have to deal with other characters, who add colour and fantasy to the story.
We begin by showing the three-dimensional model of Teresa that is used in the game.
A low-polygon model with simple textures, deliberately maintaining that angular effect.
After having created the model in Blender 3D, I created a skeleton (rig) with which it will be possible to animate the character to obtain the walk, the run, the rest position and all the animations that I will need to insert in the game.

And here is the model of Jabert Baldvin; one of the three missing researchers.
It’s safe to say that Teresa will have some “unforgettable” moments with him…

Now let’s talk about Samantha, the youngest of the group.
She is the team’s colourful figure, carefree, jovial, fond of music and her Walkman, which she always carries with her.
For the success of the adventure, it will be necessary to interact with her, because only she has the “key” that will help shed light on the darkness of the cavern.

Ham Samadel, the eldest of the group and also in charge of the expedition.
He is in charge of all the most important decisions and thanks to his experience it will be possible to find information that will be useful in re-establishing the interrupted communications.
It was he who had the first meeting with Yoragh, and it was from there that everything began.

See you at the next update, if you are curious to try the first act, the download is available at this link:

Try the 1° Act

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