Teresa Moontyners – Last level development

Here I am,
I started with the development on the last level.
After finishing models and textures, I reopened Unity and started to set up the 2 scenes related to the endings.
I faced first the development of the “alternative” ending, because it was faster to complete, in fact in a few weeks I was able to finish and test it.
This ending will be a sort of ear-pulling to the player, nothing direct, but for those who come to view this movie, the question may arise: “…who knows why I didn’t do that thing…”.
Now I am in the development of the “official” ending, which takes place in the installation area, this is a bit more lungho to conclude, because logically consists in redoing the whole scene of the game similar to the previous ones with logic, variables, hotspots and company, so a lot of work not indifferent.
But I do not give up and accomplice my hard head, I carry on this idea that now begins to see the end.
I do not give anticipations on what you will find but only this level will be a mixture of moments to watch and moments to play, so continuing in the story, you will approach slowly to the end of the adventure.

After all this, I will start with the corrections of the texts, after which it will be time to export a .csv file containing everything that is written in the game, so I can translate it into English, I’m starting to ask for quotes for this translation, but at the moment the prices of those who answered me are out of my budget, so … in case any of you feel like proposing a price that we can agree, is free to contact me at info@1monkey2brains.com to get more information and discuss in more detail.

With this request for help, I greet everyone and I give appointment to the next update leaving below some images taken directly from Unity inherent in the final level.

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