Painter’s Easel

Hi everyone,

this is a very small update we want to show you today: the painter’s easel together with its animation.

Just like all the other assets you can craft it both customize and sandbox mode and then look at what Chico is doing during the screensaver and if you are lucky you might see our hero acting like Monet while painting a beautiful landscape… or our logo :).

We are also working to implement a new feature that will provide Chico with free will which will give him the ability to choose by himself what to build and where: we have developed a basic AI algorithm in order to lead Chico in such a difficult choice. Of course you will be given the opportunity to disable this option somewhere in the menu if you think you can do better. This feature is under test at this moment and will probably be released in the next update.

That’s all for today, see you soon.


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