In Screensaver Loot And More


in this new update we are going to show you some new animations we added to the screensaver mode; actually these are not so new since we are talking about all the animations you already see when you loot resources in customizer mode ( but maybe you get used in sandbox mode and thus you don’t know what I’m talking about ). Anyway, those animations are also available while the screensaver is running, so you might now see Chico kicking rocks or digging by his bare hand and so on; none of this means that your storage will be filled with wood or any other kind of resource, of course; as ever, our purpose remains the same, that is to enrich your screensaver with ever new animations ( you must play in customizer mode if you want to really loot resources ).

Now it’s time for the second news: the vegetable garden. The garden is a new content for the screensaver but it works a little different from the others. We could call it something like a multiple step content; we mean that during the screensaver the garden will loop between two different states ( growing and harvesting ) which are controlled by the specific action performed by Chico… which depends on the state ?!?!!?… it’s easier to show it than to explain it.

That’s all for today folks.

See you at the next update,


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