New Sketches And Onion Clock

Hi Chichi,

we want to talk you about the last changes we made before the early access release.

Workbench and storage, which can be already useful in game to build big structures and store resources, have some funny sketches now that you will be able to admire at screensaver time execution.

We also want to share with you the new onion clock we made in place of the old and unpolished digital watch.

The inventory now can also be opened by the little bag-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen ( or keep using the “i” key ).

And last but not least, thanks to Leonardo Ceralli, our musician, for composing that beautiful song you can listen while playing the game or watching the screensaver.

7 January Chico will be released in Early Access on Steam, which is a very point of pride for us; now we need your feedback in order to improve the experience and keep supporting Chico with periodic updates introducing ever-new contents.

That’s all for now,


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