About us

Hello, we are a small independent Italian team, passionate about the world of video game development.
We grew up when video games were still stored on cassette tapes, and we run what were the most beautiful games we could imagine for ourselves… with a screwdriver!
Now that everything has evolved, we decided to start this adventure and to show our ideas, mixing the new technology with our very first experiences.
That’s where the idea of this team, sharing the same gaming passion, came from.

Pierluigi Zomparelli, the oldest guy of the team.
I’ve always had a passion for computers since I was the happy owner of a Commodore VIC-20; after graduated in Computer Science I finally started working as game developer.
Francesco Perratone, born 1978.
Always been fascinated by IT and computer graphics, been a freelancer 3D artist, media creator, electronic and tech consultant, tinkerer, CTO. Here for project management and biz development, tech, graphics, anything else I can help with…
Lorenzo Magna, born in 1985.
I am an art lover and completed my studies in architecture in 2010.
I’m a newcomer to the group, I work in game design and marketing.
Luca Quartero, born in 1974, I grew up with bread and commodore 64.
I enjoy 3D modeling and the look of games, I’m a very imaginative person but not very diligent.
Even today, as far as I have learned, I still feel like a child who has a world ahead of him to discover.